What’s new in AG Grid 25.3

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AG Grid 25.3 is a big step forward in terms of quality after the major improvements introduced in v25.0. In this post, we’ll cover this new version in detail. Please see the full list of changes in AG Grid 25.3 in our changelog.

There are no breaking changes from v25.2, and we suggest planning to update to this version soon so you can benefit from all the improvements it offers.

AG Grid 25.3 polishes much of the new functionality added in v25.0, further improving product quality, clarifying documentation and adding minor refinements. As part of this, we also added a couple of new features I will describe below.

Open Groups by Default

Previously opening group rows by default was only supported for the server-side row model. As part of AG Grid 25.3, we've added this capability to the client-side row model, as shown in the image below. This functionality is as documented and demonstrated here.

Full-width Row Dragging

Previously row dragging was not available for full-width rows. As part of AG Grid 25.3, we've added row dragging to full-width rows. This new feature is shown below and documented and demonstrated here.


AG Grid 25.3 is a major step forward in terms of quality following the major improvements in AG Grid 25.0. This new version is a compelling reason to upgrade as soon as you can, so you can deliver a polished, high-quality user experience to end-users.

As always, we’re keen to help you upgrade and to hear your feedback.

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