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TLDR - If you are looking for AG Grid Consultancy, then we recommend
LiveLoveApp where you will find Brian and Mike. They provide expert-led training on AG Grid to startups and Fortune 100 companies and often help us by putting on AG Grid Workshops at conferences we sponsor.

We were not sure what to call this page, but we wanted to put something up to thank and showcase people that have been involved in sharing their knowledge and experience of using AG Grid, people we've collaborated and bounced ideas around with.

We were tempted to categorise everything into bloggers, trainers, consultants etc. but people wear too many hats so we went for "People" and "Companies and Projects".

This list is a work in progress. We wanted to get it out there even if it isn't complete yet.

If you are building on, or helping people with, AG Grid; or if know someone who is, then let us know and we might be able to include a mention on the page.

A big thank you to everyone who has worked with us and helped us.


Companies and Projects

  • Adaptable Tools build a set of libraries and components that add extra user focussed functionality to AG Grid. To see what the product is capable of you can view functional demos on line, all of these demos show AdapTable augmenting AG Grid.
  • create an analytics api that helps combine multiple applications and components to help build Data and Business Intelligence apps. They maintain a list of Awesome Data Vizualisation Tools here
  • Lab 49 build enterprise applications for finance companies with AG Grid featuring in many of their projects.
  • LiveLoveApp are a team of software architects providing technology leadership and expert-led training on AG Grid to startups and Fortune 100 companies. Their performance analysis and architecture reviews help improve product development in web technologies including Angular, NgRx, Node.js, React and AG Grid.
  • OpenFin helps financial companies configure an integrated desktop of apps and components (including AdapTable and AG Grid). Developers can write for the web and release to a content store as native apps in a secure and performant container.
  • Plunker lets you edit, develop and host your code online for free. We use Plunker extensively for our documentation examples and during support to create working examples for customers. We are happy to help sponsor the ongoing development of Plunker.
  • host free and paid training courses relevant to JavaScript developers. Including the free courses on AG Grid: Fundamentals of AG Grid with Angular and Using AG Grid with React
  • helps you bundle all your code and dependencies into a smaller set of static assets. We use WebPack and sponsor the development of the project.

Training and Workshops

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