ng-conf 2024 - Round Up

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AG Grid has always been a strong supporter of the Angular community. In fact, ng-conf 2024 marked our 7th consecutive year as sponsors of this event. As always, it was an absolute pleasure to be back meeting with our community face-to-face again.

Introducing AG Charts

This year our focus was on AG Charts - our brand new enterprise charting library.

Charts is something our users have been asking about for a long time, so heading into this event we were really excited to share the good news. What we couldn't have expected was the overwhelmingly positive and excited responses - both at our booth and during our sponsored talk.

If you haven't heard of AG Charts yet, take a look at our introductory blog, or the AG Charts site.


Improving the Grid and Sharing our Journey

Whilst a lot of our focus was on AG Charts, of course we couldn't forget about the Grid. In fact, we've been working hard over the last few months to significantly improve the performance of AG Grid in Angular by making changes like running outside of Zone.js where appropriate, amongst lots of other tweaks:

These improvements were the result of in-depth research into the best ways to profile angular apps to find areas for improvement and so we decided to share these profiling techniques in Stephen Cooper's talk: "Perfecting your Profiling Skills".

In his talk Stephen showed how to use the Angular Dev Tools alongside the standard Chrome Dev Tools to identify and resolve performance issues, including some hidden gems within the Dev Tools profiling panel that Stephen uncovered during his research.

The talk is will be available publicly later this year so be sure to keep an eye out on our X (Twitter) & LinkedIn channels to be notified when it's live.

Giving back to the community

Last but not least, this year we did something a little different by offering attendees the chance to win a Meta Quest 3. Every attendee could receive a free raffle ticket just for coming to say hello at our booth but we offered 5 tickets to anyone who wanted to engage with us through X (Twitter) or LinkedIn. We had tons of entries but there could only be one winner... Lucky number 100:

And that's it for another year... Whilst we won't be at any other Angular events this year, take a look at our brand new Community events page to see where we'll be in 2024:

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