Adaptable Tools Demo and Interview

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What is Adaptable Tools?

Adaptable Tools is a fully featured extension library for AG Grid which puts more configuration options and powerful advanced functionality in the hands of end users for applications using AG Grid.

Features like:

  • Powerful Query Language
  • Custom Editors
  • Calculated Cells
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Settings Panel
  • User Configurable Cell Rendering
  • User Configurable Cell Formatting
  • Alerts for data changes
  • Scheduled Excel Exporting and Synchronisation
  • Saving State to central locations
  • Sharing state between users
  • and much more

How does it work with AG Grid?

AdapTable is a perfect example of how customizable AG Grid can be and when people as us to show them how far they can customize AG Grid we often point them towards the AdaptTable Demos.

AdapTable builds on AG Grid using the hooks, themes, events and API of our grid to deliver extended functionality.

We want to ensure that our grid remains super-fast so these are features we don’t see as living within a grid but they are a perfect use case for customising and extending the grid. The features are of the type that many users ask their development teams to create, but the development teams often don't have time.

Implementing AdapTable is very straightforward and our close relationship with their team ensures that both products work seamlessly with each other. AdapTable supports both AG Grid Community Edition and Enterprise, keeping pace with the latest versions.

In our opinion, AdapTable naturally dovetails with AG Grid, harnessing our raw power and leveraging our features to deliver a lightning fast and intuitive experience for the user.

Demo Adaptable Tools

We sat down with Jonny Wolfson, CTO of Adaptable Tools, and he provided a demo overview of Adaptable Tools in action.

In the demo you'll see the new version 11 of Adaptable Tools with its fresh new Web Site, the updated documentation and some of the sample demo applications.

In the demo Jonny uses the Gihub Issue Log Viewer created in React by the Adaptable Tools team in less than a day.

Watch The Interview With Jonny Wolfson

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AdapTable was the first partner we have worked closely with during the creation of their product and believe it has borne fruit. If you’d like to feature on our partner spotlight page or tell us about your project involving ag-Grid, please get in touch.

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