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ag-Grid | Version 17 Thomas

We’re delighted to announce the release of Version 17 of ag-Grid. This is our second major release of the year and we’ve packed it with improvements.

There’s a special reason why we have named this version Thomas. Last week, our CEO and founder, Niall and his wife welcomed their son Thomas to the world. We are naming this release for him, it’s only a matter of time before he starts contributing to the codebase.

You can find full details of the release in the Change Log but I’ll jump straight into the highlights.

Tool Panel: Enterprise Feature

We have upgraded the Tool Panel with the following new features:

  • New UI incorporating our new style.
  • Show or hide from within the tool panel, this opens the door for other buttons in this section of the grid.
  • The Tool Panel is now resize-able, you can drag it with the mouse to make it wider so that full column names are visible.
  • You can filter within the tool panel to find a given column.
  • You can expand or collapse all column groups in one go.
  • Select or de-select all columns in one go.

New Theme: Balham

We have created a new theme called “Balham”. This builds on the success of our refreshed Material theme. We have named it for the part of London that ag-Grid calls home.

We can see from support that themes are very important to you, so we’d like to hear your opinions on this new theme.

It’s also a good time to bring your attention to the themes section of the documentation. We cover in detail how to make changes to the existing themes and how to apply your own.

Core Performance Improvements

Performance is at the heart of ag-Grid, we know features without performance won’t suffice. In this release, we have continued to drive performance with further changes to the core engine of the grid.

  • ag-Grid now uses the GPU for row animations rather than CPU. This gives the grid a significant performance bump. Niall has written a blog about his methodologies to explain further.
  • We have also added batch updates to the grid which is covered in the second article. This showcases the speed of the grid with streaming updates. There’s a Plunker there so can play around with it yourself. We believe this proves our grid is as fast as will ever be required.

Other Items

We also included 26 bug fixes in this release as well as 37 small or medium feature requests. Full details in our Change Log.

Pipeline of Future Work

We’ve made another round of improvements to the Pipeline. We’ve added the epic to each ticket and included a ‘More Info’ field to describe our thinking on certain tickets.

We’ve applied the same style to our Change Log and also added some useful extra bits. You can see deprecated features and breaking changes. There’s a link to the relevant documentation and you can filter by version number.

We like to plan two releases ahead of time. Version 17 was completed in Sprint 5. We are now in planning for Sprints 6 & 7. We take your feedback on board through Zendesk. To add your vote to a specific JIRA, create a ticket via Zendesk and we will link so that your vote counts.

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