"Remarkable speed and extensibility, ag-Grid is the best web feature-rich BI tool on the market."

Robin Cote

"ag-Grid’s grouping, aggregation, filtering, and all-around flexibility allowed us to quickly integrate it into our product. And, the performance is truly awesome!

Andrew Taft

"We just made the move from Kendo to ag-Grid and we love it. It’s fast and very flexible."

Jason Boorn

"The most full-featered wel-maintened, performant grid solution out there."

Rony Liderman

"It is the fastest grid we've seen and the fact that it's being actively worked on means it won't go "dead" anytime soon. It's made adding powerful grids easy and quick, making our SaaS much better than it could have been before."

Karim Helal

"When we were looking for a grid solution for our Web App, we had a lot of demands in out mind. At first it seemed ag-Grid was to true to be true, and it lived up to the expectation! First of all its is very customisable,you can play and change every element in the grid with ease. The filters/sorting/grouping/searching are working so fast on large data (we tested up to 80k rows), just like magic. AG-Grid has made my life as a developer a lot easier."

Ayelet Cohen

"We love ag-Grid for its simple integration, blazing-fast performance, and friendly community."

Lucas Val

"ag-Grid is one of the best Grids I have ever worked with. In spite of being feature rich it is still one of the fastest grids I have ever used. This grid will be an essential part of my tool kit especially when working with extremely large datasets."

Zachary Lewis"

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you have put into ag-Grid. I have been using the free version for about a year and have to say it is definitely the best grid framework out there."

Jordan Berry