Geekle React Global Summit 2022 Overview

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The Geekle React Global Online Summit took place in April 2022, AG Grid helped sponsor the conference.

The free live stream of the event can be viewed on YouTube.

And the free streamed events for all their conferences can be viewed on their YouTube channel, with conferences for Angular, Game Development, Flutter, Data Science, Vue, Java and more.

Our CEO, Niall Crosby, presented a talk describing the work done to convert AG Grid from a React Wrapper to a 100% React Data Grid, while at the same time supporting Angular, Vue and any JavaScript framework. We achieve this through an MVC style architecture. Niall explains more in the talk:


In addition there was a live Q&A with Stacy Cash moderating and asking the questions.

I've listed a few of the talks that were most relevant to me.

A Deep Dive into React Keys - by Joon Park explains how keys are used in conjunction with the React rendering process, and describing the Eager Update pattern where a GUI renders, and updates the server side state in the background. Based on this I was able to update some Storybook code to reflect new grid states when user properties were changed.

Josh Goldberg covered various approaches for stubbing and mocking when testing components with external dependencies. Covering jest.mock at a global and module level. Also dependency injection by passing APIs as props and via React context. This is in the Props, Mocks, and Context: Unit Testing Heavy Components talk. The Q&A session provided a good answer covering when to use Context and when to use Redux.

Sean McPherson in the talk React Bug Catcher discussed debugging, the debugging mindset, and a practical overview of using the browser dev tools to investigate and explore an application issue.

Nick Nisi provided a clear example of using XState state machines in a React application in the talk Componentizing Application State. Also interesting to see the state machine updating in the dev tools view.

It's worth looking through the list of talks and see which stand out for you (there is a handy table of contents in the description of the live stream).

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