Free Online Training Courses for React and Angular with AG Grid

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Our documentation covers the full Grid API with many examples. In addition each concept and example has code for React, Angular, Vue and JavaScript. We also have an up to date Getting Started Guide for each framework - just click on the framework icon to switch the docs. We are also aware that people have different learning styles so here are the free online training courses that we are aware of.

Thinkster Courses

AG Grid Partnered with Thinkster to keep these Angular and React courses free to whomever wants to learn. Thinkster also offer many other courses on a wide range of topics, including: Angular, React, JavaScript and Vue. All of which might be useful to users of AG Grid since we support all those frameworks.

Fundamentals of AG Grid with Angular


Brian Love takes a step by step approach leading to confident development with AG Grid using Angular.

  • Getting started with ag-Grid.
  • Displaying and rendering data.
  • Customizing column and row behaviors and functionality.
  • Using ag-Grid features like sorting and filtering.
  • Styling and theming ag-Grid.
  • Editing data in ag-Grid.
  • Building custom Angular components for ag-Grid

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Using AG Grid with React


Sam Julien presents this hands on set of lessons showing how to use AG Grid with React.

  • Getting started with ag-Grid.
  • Using Data and Redux.
  • Customizing column functionality.
  • Working with Filters.
  • Row Sorting and Sizing.
  • Styling and customizing Rows and Cells.
  • Selecting data.
  • Editing data and using custom components.

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Brian Love's Angular Tutorials

Brian Love created two excellent tutorials available for free on YouTube.

Getting Started with AG Grid

A live two hour Masterclass where Brian shows how to get started with AG Grid and Angular. Covering data sorting and filtering, custom cell rendering, and using the infinite row model for endlessly scrolling of data.

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Advanced Usage of AG Grid

Brian Love covers NgRx with the delta row model for effective data mutation. Also styling AG Grid, and building custom Angular components for rendering, filtering, and editing data. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to integrate AG Grid with an NgRx store, and know how to extend AG Grid for your unique use cases.

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AG Grid Workshops

The AG Grid team have also created workshops for conferences. These were streamed live at JS Nation and React Summit conferences in 2022.

Getting Started with Angular

Stephen Cooper presented a live workshop on Getting Started with AG Grid in Angular at the JS Nation conference.

The video replay for this can be watched on the GitNation Portal now.

The code for Stephen's workshop is available now:

Getting Started with React

Sean Landsman ran a workshop for the React Summit showing how to Get Started with AG Grid in React, the recording is available to watch on Gitnation portal.

The code for Sean's workshop is available on Github:

Thanks to Brian Love and Sam Julien for creating the video courses and tutorials.

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