Back in May of 2022, Bonnie and Samantha from Angular Nation made a trip over to London to visit the AG Grid offices where they shot the footage for an Angular Nation AG Grid Music video.

Samantha had previously demonstrated her musical and dance talents in her Nullish Coalescing video which spread wildly on Twitter.

So when Samantha volunteered to create a song and video for us we eagerly said yes.

The caveat was that we were going to have to appear in the video.

Appearing in the video was easy to agree to.

Having gained initial agreement Samantha upped the stakes to include dancing and singing in the video.

We haggled a bit and managed to knock the stakes down to just dancing. Samantha was going to take on the pressure of doing all the music, lyrics, and singing.

Niall Crosby, AG Grid's CEO agreed to take on the challenge of dancing and miming to the lyrics... we think he did actually sing during the recording at some points, but we don't have all the outtakes and rushes to prove this.

The final video contains footage shot in the office and from nearby in the Hays Galleria shopping centre.

Many of the AG Grid team joined in and took part in a group dance session. The initial plan was to have a more complicated set of, apparently "very basic", dance moves, but during the group rehearsal we discovered we needed to simplify the "very basic" dance moves even further to avoid us crashing into each other like an out of control frenzy of bumper cars on legs.

Samantha and Bonnie left the office with a lot of footage and managed to edit it all down into a fun concise 2 minute music video, which you can view below.

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