5 Tips to Fix Angular JavaScript Memory Leaks
5 Tips

We recently came across a memory leak in our Angular wrapper. In correcting this, we learnt some useful tips along the way. I caught up with Sean Landsman who looks after our integrations with Frameworks and he has the following 5 tips:

1. Disable all extensions — they don’t cause issues themselves but can muddy the water.

2. Always debug performance and memory leaks in Incognito mode to remove any obfuscation.

3. The Google Docs about using the DevTools are still accurate but some terms and screenshots are out of date. A key point is that what they call “Timeline” now lives under the “Memory” tab.

Google Documentation | DevTools

4. There are some great resources online, I found this one particularly useful:

Watch On YouTube

5. And finally, in order to help find problematic objects, you can try artificially increase the objects size by creating a large test array within it.

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